EDF Innovation Lab’s mission is to explore new markets, innovative businesses and disruptive technologies for EDF Group in North America, leveraging the innovation of Silicon Valley. To this end, we work in partnership with academic, industrial, financial and start-up stakeholders across North and South America.

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

EDF has a long-standing collaboration on-going with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), a collaborative non-profit center for the electricity sector for public interest energy and environmental research. First full international member of EPRI, EDF and EPRI have developed numerous research initiatives over the past four decades, in the nuclear as well as non-nuclear sectors. EDF Innovation Lab manages the overall collaboration program on behalf of EDF SA, providing regular status updates on progress made in the numerous projects. In the non-nuclear sector, the recent focus in on electrification of the transportation, industrial and building sectors, as part of our efforts to reduce GHG emissions and air pollution.


EDF and MIT have ongoing working relationships in different structures and centers of the MIT. Furthermore, EDF participates or participated in several studies conducted by MIT faculty and students, the Utility of the Future Study and several nuclear research projects, and hosts MIT interns. EDF and the MIT meet on a regular basis to confidentially share the results and roadmaps of the collaboration, and to steer future research work and initiate new collaborations based on mid- and long term priorities.

Other Partners

EDF Innovation Lab’s program is carried out with many local and some less local partners. We collaborate with Stanford University and its national lab SLAC, UC Berkeley (and to a lesser extend other Californian universities, e.g. UC San Diego, UC Davis) on several projects, with staff or through internships. We created collaborative frameworks with several private or public partners in the area. Our Open Innovation initiative greatly benefits from VC partners, where among Energy Impact Partners.